TV/Music Clips

The iphone 6s ad outtakes feature 'The Cookie Monster' and composer Paul Reeves's gypsy-jazz tune 'Croque Monsieur'. This excerpt has gained 2.8 million views so far and features a solo from Ray's in the middle!
Here is some TV clips from the Maltese chat show 'Ilsien In-Nisa', when in june, earlier this year, Ray was invited onto the show by the Maltese presenter/producer/model Clare Agius. The two clips (immediately below) are both Ray's original tunes (Lion's Den) left, and 'After Midnight', (right)- with backing from Miles Levin (drums), Tim Amann (keyboards), Chris Youngs (sax) and Mike Green (bass).  These songs will be on Ray's new cd; 'Into the Lion's Den'; due out in the fall 2016.

Below left: a brief clip of Ray with his band on Channel 4's 'Very Important People' (may 2012) and also on BBC1's 'Landgirls' (below right-dec 2011).

At the bottom of the page, the top two songs are original sounds from Ray's cd 'War on the Saints'​.